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  • Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Mother's Day is a beautiful day to celebrate the amazing women in your life. Since the day is fast-approaching, we've compiled a quick and easy gift guide with some Wallflower & Co favorites! 
  • Plus-Size? Curvy? Full-Figured? What's the Difference?

    I'm sure you've seen all of these terms: Plus-Size, Curvy, Full-Figured, Extended Sizes, etc. And I'm sure it's had you wondering, what's the difference? Well, sometimes people use them interchangeably, other times, people are careful to use one over the other. Why? Let's dive in, shall we?
  • Last Minute Gift Guide!

    Christmas is fast approaching! Wallflower & Co is here to help with this easy gift guide! Find a gift for mom, sister, daughter, your girlfriend/wife, BFF and coworker, all in one place! 
  • The Newfound Importance of Accessorizing

    2020 has taught us a thing or two. One small, but definitely significant lesson we've learned, in terms of fashion, is that accessorizing can be what makes or breaks an outfit.
  • Supporting Small Businesses This Holiday Season

    There are so many reasons to shop local &/or small this holiday season, but even more ways to support them without even having to spend much or at all. Read about some simple ways you can begin to shop more small businesses.
  • Why the name "Wallflower" & Co?

    Why did I choose the name "Wallflower"? Find out here to see what it means, and what I hope Wallflower & Co can become.